Our vision

The history of film began as an experiment. The pioneers of the moving image were exploring the possibilities of a new medium with short clips of fighting kangaroos or workers leaving a factory. Today the short film is an art form, the prime source of innovation for film & filmmaking, and the main form of media expression of our time.

Sadly both the academic discourse as well as the journalistic point-of-view hardly offers a careful and thought-out perspective on this flourishing field, although there is an active short film scene and an incredible range of artistic development, as well as outstanding short film festivals & film festivals with great shorts sections.

We, founders of Talking Shorts and the representatives of these festivals, have been complaining in the past years about a lack of journalistic and critical debate. Despite several local initiatives, there is not a lot of magazines (online or offline) dedicated to the short format in English language. Talking Shorts aims to change this.

Our mission

Talking Shorts in an online film magazine dedicated to short films. Our goal is to make shorts more visible and to create a wider discourse about the art form, closely connected to the international film festival landscape. We strive to connect the most important festivals around the world, the filmmakers, audiences and a young generation who might not yet know what short films are or can do. Beside profound film reviews, interviews and articles, we publish videos and podcasts on specific topics for a professional audience under the BE SHORT NOW! umbrella.

As an independent short film magazine, we aim to pay for all contributions made to the website. This liberty is made possible thanks to the support of our festival members, though the content of our magazine will always be decided on solely by our contributing writers and editorial team.

Our history

Talking Shorts is a co-initiative founded in 2020 by Filmfest Dresden, NISI MASA, Short Waves Festival & Vienna Shorts and also houses the industry-initiative BE SHORT NOW!.

On March 16 2020, Talking Shorts kicked off My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival: a weekly short film programme to help us through the first wave of the coronavirus. It proved to be an anticipated and much liked initiative that was covered in 160+ publications in 20 different countries. My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival ultimately lasted for 11 weeks, was programmed by 66 programmers from all around the globe and screened 77 films by 87 filmmakers that were all kind enough to share their work for free. Thanks to 182 donators we collected €4360,75, which was divided equally among Médecins Sans Frontières in Italy & Beirut Film Society in Lebanon.

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1 Still from 'Tribute to Joseph Plateau' by Pask D'Amico (2016)