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Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

impressions by Daniel Ebner


The Netherlands is a good haven for international film festivals. In addition to the big steamships from Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Go Short in Nijmegen — a small town in the east of the country just five kilometers from the German border — has also made a name for itself far beyond the country’s borders as a festival for short film. And there are several good reasons for this success; however, one major factor was an incredibly professional approach at a time when this was definitely not as common for short film festivals as it is today.

Go Short was an early innovator and co-developed Filmchief, a management and database system that is now used by many festivals throughout Europe. Extensive brand campaigns, which the festival produces time and again, have also led to a strong presence in the international festival landscape. And then there’s the fact that it’s always great to visit the festival live and sit in the pavilion set up in front of the main cinema with numerous like-minded people and friends in the early spring sun.

Last but not least, Go Short has also made its mark programmatically. Focusing on short film from Europe — both in the competition and in the annual country focus — the festival always has its eye on managing the balancing act between audience-friendly programming and edgy content; after all, no one has anything to gain from the filmmakers sitting alone in the cinema with the presenters. And the success proves the team around Kirsten Ruber, Niels Ketelaars and Mathieu Janssen right: Go Bold. Go Loud. Go Short!

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