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Vilnius International Short Film Festival

Vilnius, Lithuania

impressions by Daniel Ebner


Admittedly, it’s been a few years since my last visit to the Vilnius International Short Film Festival. But there’s hardly a festival I have better memories of, even though the conditions for a festival – one would think – are anything but ideal: the middle of January, the icy wind whistling through the city’s pretty alleys, and everyone still laboriously trying to organize their year after the Christmas break. But in Vilnius, it all works out perfectly: the venues are cozy, the team is warm and welcoming, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be walking along the banks of the Neris River in the early evening, enveloped in thick snowflakes, and then warming up again with a Suktinis mead nectar. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it?

But that alone doesn’t account for the charm and appeal of VISFF, which has been active since 2006. The festival was exceptionally closely linked with the Lithuanian industry, which turned out in large numbers to discuss film policy issues as well as to see and intensively reflect on the best international and national productions of the past year. This connection is presumably also related to the background of the festival, which is organized by the short film agency Lithuanian Shorts and mainly financed by the Lithuanian Film Center. One visit to Vilnius and you have the opportunity to get to know (and love) a large part of the local industry in a very short time. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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