(United Kingdom 2017; Dir: Anna Mantzaris)


we've all had enough sometimes

review by Vladan Petković


original title: Enough

length: 2

year of production: 2017

country of production: United Kingdom

director: Anna Mantzaris

IndieLisboa 2017, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2018, Odense International Film Festival 2018, KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival 2018, Anima Mundi 2018, Glasgow Short Film Festival 2019

© images: Enough (Anna Mantzaris)

So far the shortest Audience Favourite of 'My Darling Quarantine Short Film Festival' at two minutes and twenty-two seconds running time, 'Enough' by Anna Mantzaris expresses what is probably the most universal emotion that the pressures of the modern world have given us, for better and (rather) worse: exasperation.

In this short time, the filmmaker manages to cram in moments that make the viewer feel sad, happy, angry, nostalgic, melancholic, manic, rebellious, tired... you name it. Although each of the characters has just a couple of seconds of screen time, all of them are caught in moments that are relatable to any functioning and relatively sane person, and probably to many people we would label "crazy" as well.

The sympathetic, plushy animation style and a wonderful sense of timing definitely help too, and it's no wonder this Vimeo Staff Pick won more than 25 festival prizes and the Best Achievement in a Student Film at the European Animation Awards in 2018.

I am pretty confident that I speak for most of the readers of this text when I say that sometimes, we just want to lie down and die. And weirdly, that's a liberating idea which actually makes me smile!