(June 10th, 2020 Online; Dir: Panel)

Great Expectations

Exploring the Relationship between Short and Feature Films

Great Expectations

organiser: Talents and Short Film Market

location: Torino, Italy

date: November 22nd 2019

format: Panel

synopsis: The relationship between short and feature films has been tricky since the very beginning. Born as ethnographical and documentary clips in 1895, very soon Cinema found its fictional language to narrate short stories before developing a new grammar that allowed longer stories to be told and therefore to kickstart that same feature film industry as we still know it today. Apparently every short film director’s biggest dream is to make a feature film. Supposedly every short film director’s biggest fear is to not being able to make a feature film. Presumably every short film director’s biggest question is how to finally make a feature film. But, is it really that so? The panel aims to tackle the probably most debated topic among young filmmakers about the transition from short to feature films. In doing so it will discuss the relationship within the two forms, the differences in the production processes between shorts and features, the (possible?) coexistence of both in a filmmaker’s career – especially at later stage – and the purposes and desires of filmmakers and other stakeholders of the film circuit regarding this iconic passage. Starting from ontological issues, the discussion will soon focus on a series of practical examples arisen from the personal expertise of the panellists followed by open questions from the audience.

moderator: Enrico Vannucci (TSFM, Venice Film Festival)

panelists: Laura Briand (Les films d’ici), Ludovica Fonda (R.T.I. – Mediaset Group, TSFM), Marija Razgute (Producer, Midpoint, Lithuanian Shorts), Daniel Vadocky (Negativ, Art Film Fest), Lendita Zeqiraj (Film Director)

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