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Short Talk: Ben Vandendaele

Episode 12

interview by Enrico Vannucci

Ben Vandendaele is a versatile producer, sales agent and distributor. He’s based in Brussels where he studied film editing at the Rits. He is the founder of two companies: the production company Bekke Films that supports provocative cinema and authors with a purpose and Radiator IP Sales with which he represents, distributes and sels a total of 100 short films and several feature films to date. The films have been selected for multiple international film festivals, including Berlinale, Clermont-Ferrand, Sundance, SXSW, Locarno, Venice, Sarajevo and many others. He was part of several international workshops, including Berlinale Talents, Zurich Masterclass and a member of the pre-selection committee for LIM. He’s partnered up with the European Short Pitch, Torino Short Film Market, Dokufest, Animarkt and iF Istanbul. Recently became member of the European Film Academy.

Short Talk is a podcast by Talking Shorts. In each episode a professional from the short film circuit will discuss about their work, career and event during a friendly talk with the host.

Bekke Film and Radiator IP Sales Director Ben Vandendaele is the guest of the twelfth episode. The interview was recorded on May 20th 2020 via Skype.

Short Talk is hosted, produced and edited by Enrico Vannucci. Music by I Munacielli.

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